Well Fixture
Bulb Changing Instructions

1. Be certain power to the lighting system is off. This can be accomplished at the timer by depressing the off portion of the button. If it is daylight the system is normally off.

2. On each side of the fixture housing are two wing nuts. Loosen the wing nuts, but do not remove. Note position (angle of bulb) then rotate bulb so the back of the bulb is exposed. (i.e. Rotate bulb and retaining ring upside down)

3. Using a screwdriver disconnect two wires attached to back of bulb.

4. On each side of bulb will be two brass-retaining clips. Using screwdriver compress one of the retaining clips so as to free bulb and remove bulb.

5. Using screwdriver bend compressed retaining clip to its original position. Insert new bulb facing down until it is seated firmly and retained by brass clips.

6. Reconnect wires to new bulb. The wires may be connected without consideration of which bulb terminal. (i.e. One wire to each bulb terminal, it does not matter which wire)

7. Rotate bulb until facing up and position at original angle. Tighten wing nuts.

8. Turn system on to be certain new bulb is correctly installed. If new bulb does not come on check for loose wire connections.

Please note:

If pattern on lens - PAR36WFL 36 watts only, DO NOT EXCEED

If no Pattern on Lens - PAR36NSP 36 watts only, DO NOT EXCEED

Use only GE or Sylvania bulbs

Sources: Austin

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