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Hello from LightSculptors:

Now that your lighting system is over two years old, has it lost some of its original brilliance? Have plants grown around the fixtures, blocking the light? Are bulbs burning out every couple of months?

Recently a number of customers have asked if there is an economical way to address these concerns without having repeated charges for service calls or having to search for the right bulb type and wattage. Introducing the LightSculptors "Re-lamping" Program.

First, call us at 512-448-2240 and we will "re-lamp" your entire system. By replacing all the old bulbs (burned out or not) you renew the look and overall brightness of the original installation.

There is a $18.00 charge for each of the halogen well lights (round lights, buried in the ground) and $8.50 for each of the copper pathway or deck lights. As well as our standard $65 service charge.

As an added advantage we check all connections, trim interfering plants and test the transformer. Your new bulbs will once again be covered by our service warranty for another year!!

To schedule your re-lamping call 512-448-2240 or fill out the form below and email back. Remember, we want your lighting system to look its best!

Mary Thomas
Manager, Customer Service

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