lightsculptors, outdoor lighting

Is your home or business invisible half of the time? Proper outdoor lighting is paramount in making any home or business safe, comfortable, and attractive. After sundown, darkness can provide cover for undesireables and can be a shadowy void where unseen objects create a safety hazard.

LightSculptors only does one thing, outdoor lighting systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality architectural and landscape lighting and service. We accomplish this through the following steps:
1. Always listening to the needs and concerns of our customers.

2. Allowing the customer to become an active
participant in the design of their system.

3. Providing detailed information about the
products we sell and install.

4. Never questioning the customer; It's Their System!

5. Servicing and maintaining the systems we
install for optimal performance.

At LightSculptors, we pride ourselves on being experts in system design, installation and maintenance.